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Under The Radar Honeymoon Spot in Kerala

There are innumerable romantic sites and 5 star resorts in Munnar for you to visit, but which one is best for you and your spouse for your honeymoon? After the preparation and anticipation of your marriage ceremony, it is the most wonderful experience you will ever have. It is a wonderful opportunity to bond, discover, and unwind alongside your married spouse.

 Munnar is the best choice for people who are looking forward to enjoying mountain activities, nature, and most of all, a break from the crowded city life. You could find some of the best honeymoon resorts in Kerala in Munnar with all the amenities you need to enjoy your time at its best.


Why it is best to choose a luxury resort in Munnar?

For everyone else other than the newlyweds, the festivities of a wedding end with all the marriage ceremonies. However, for newlywed couples, there is a lot more to explore about each other and together about the world. All those have to begin with a beautiful and comfortable honeymoon, and that itself answers the question of why you should choose a luxury resort in Munnar.

Choosing a resort with all the luxury makes the whole experience and life a lot easier for you. Besides, you don’t have to worry about hidden bills and will be served unlimited food and beverages. When it becomes luxury, it will never end with staying inside a room and going out for fun. You will have activities to do inside the resort itself along with your partner.

Benefits of booking 5 star resorts in Munnar

  • Luxury resorts in Kerala have the best locations
  • They offer extreme privacy
  • Luxury resorts are made in a way that marvels the eyes with beautiful interior and exterior space
  • All services are provided with utmost perfection
  • You get served the most exclusive food items
  • There will be no time limits to enter and exit the resort premises

The Haze & Kites in your honeymoon days

Haze & Kites is one of the popular honeymoon resorts in Munnar where you can stay with all the luxurious amenities. We have resort facilities that range from premier cottages, honeymoon resorts, and cottages with sunset views. All the luxury and the best view in the area is open for you at the most affordable rate.

Beyond all the facilities, we provide services and activities including kite flying, cycling, hiking, plantation visits, campfire, and more. Book your 2 nights at Haze & Kites effortlessly by contacting our team.

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