Enthralling Activities Abiding The Best Mountain Resort In Munnar

Sunrise Walk: Go Sunkissed in the morning hue

In contrast to the sunsets, sunrise is as astonishing to watch if you are on the Munnar chapter. While staying perched in our mountain resort in Munnar, we can delight and fulfil your misty mornings with a sunrise walk nearby. The trail to the auspicious sighting begins at 6:00 AM, and if you can open your lids in the early tick of the clock, you could witness a beautiful sun-wink at the prime location where we can take you. Listen to the early bird chirpings after the nest time and feel the fragrance of the sprouting buds along your cryptic way. When the sun expands, don’t skip to click the giant and let the snap cherish your whole day. Follow the birds chirp back, and if you are lucky enough to spot an intrinsic one, it could make your day even more memorable. You could be back by 7:30 AM, where the morning cup of coffee gets served right away.

Cycling: Pedal the terrain with fabulous views

Nothing can match up the excitement that a cycle journey in the wild connects. Being your best companion and amongst the top resorts in Munnar peaks, we can bring on the cheer by helping you pedal the unexpected terrains near the property. There are no specific timings for the cycling fun, but a morning or evening ride with our mountain stars could be like touching the extremity of your visit. This part of our activity gets enjoyed by newlyweds, friends and children with great enthusiasm. It can ignite healthy reflections on one side and cheer of wild explore on the flip side. Mountain cycling could be a task at times, and we can be at your assist as and when required. Take the time and unfold the fabulous sightings betwixt the Munnar wild.

Kite Flying: Carry the kites towards the hazy sky

When staying in Haze & Kites Resort, activities are never falling short and here is our special one, which can take you back to the good old days of childhood. Kite Flying starts just before the twilight fall, and everyone, regardless of age, could be a part of the mesmerising activity. We have individual cottage terraces and the Ambi theatre ready to host this joyful experience. Tie the knot in your hand and release the colourful kites to the hazy sky. Let’s see who touches the clouds and stays prolonged in the Munnar cheer. We also have sitting cushions arranged in our open deck/terrace if you feel tired of holding them up the sky and don’t forget to pass the kites cheer to one another. Before the dark rushes, enjoy every moment with the joyous activity.

Plantation Visit: Trek to the cardamom plantations

The premium luxury resort in the Munnar cap brings plantation visits as a part of your enthusiastic travel and comfort stay. Trek to the cardamom plantations in the morning hours just after your delightful breakfast bouffe with your friends and family. The trail to the underneath plantations will be a unique feel and vigour in the cold climate. The cardamom wheeze will accompany you throughout the journey. You could also spot numerous plantation workers busy in the early clock of the plantation circle. The trek could also mean an insightful journey to their lives by interacting and engaging with them in the plantation processes.There are many other plantations gleams that require a look back, and while you are amongst them, spend a little time diving into the their life and culture.

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Cooking Demonstration: Learn the culinary delights

Who wants to learn the culinary delights of Haze & Kites? One of our top activities on the bucket list is the cooking demonstration. Not only we are committed to delivering the extra taste and quality to your tastebuds, but we also make it a learning activity for our valuable guests, who love to cook the delicious.Our maestro chef arranges a novel demonstration of both vegetarian and nonvegetarian dishes alongside a foreign blend if time shapes up. Learn to acquire the best traits and recipes, which our chef uses while making the rich multi-cuisine delicacies that mark our hitlist menu. We also make it a chance for you to indulge in cooking your special culinary crafts and sharing the best flavour mix you have tried out in your whole life. Take the opportunity to eyeshot the best cooking demonstration activity, relishing the taste and hunger in you.

Campfire: Gather the pleasure round the lighted woods

The time when the stars fall from the night sky, it’s an inviting call for the collective hilltop party in the cold climate. Welcome to our beloved and indispensable outdoor activity of campfire. Towards the high-altitude region, the campfire could ignite the best fun-filled time of your life. Indeed, we bring the open cheer to one place where everyone could gather around the lighted woods and tinder. Additionally, we engage the party vibe with music and activities that could reveal the best of everyone. The twilight activity flashes laughter everywhere below the hazy clouds where you could prolong your time with memories and chatter. We take the needed care and caution towards the beautiful experience, and probably everyone needs to pray that drizzles stay away, at leastfor the best time together.