Exotic Destinations From the Best Boutique Resort In Munnar

Sengulam Dam: Indulge in dew valley boating

Distance: 2 KM
Timing: 9 AM TO 5 PM
Attraction: Boating
One of the mesmerising dams to visit in Munnar if you love to indulge in a cruising experience. Munnar is not all about hills, mountains, and picturesque places. It can surprise you with experiences that you won’t expect.

Indeed, the Sengulam Dam is an adrenaline booster if you love to thrill the speed boating
culture. The place goes trapped by Letchmi Hills on the north, Chokramudi Crown on the east, and the Pettimudi Peaks on the southwest. The lakeside can furnish a 360-degree view for people who love to gaze far beyond their eyes. With speed boatings as an attractive piece of activity, there are numerous other family boats for the serene cruise. You could also spot a game corner for kids, a fish spa and a small park by the side of the dam. In a nutshell, Sengulam can offer cheer to all age groups beyond what they could foresee.

Ripple Waterfalls: Sight the flow of the falls

Distance: 12 KM
Timing: 7 AM TO 5 PM
Attraction: Waterfall
A silent waterfall away from the peak buzz of Munnar is the Ripple Waterfalls situated in Sreenarayanapuram. From a tight sleep in the best boutique resort in Munnar, a morning flock to these waterfalls is like touching the enormity and rawness of Munnar.

The perennial waterfall location is above the Muthirappuzhayar River, maintained by the forest department. It is an idyllic and family favourite zone if you need to detach from the packed parts of Munnar. One can enjoy the distant beauty of the waterfall from away and could trail the way to the intrinsic part of the fall. The trail gets wrapped by fences,and there is a pathway leading you to the main fall. Sight the Fish Spa that attracts the pathway course and spend a walking time together with your loved one into the raw falls. The ripple journey could hold you for 1 to 2-hours, and a jeep safari to the destination would be something more exciting than expected.

Ponmudi Dam: Explore the river wrap

Distance: 16 KM
Timing: 8 AM TO 5 PM
Attraction: Viewpoint
Built across the Panniyar River, a side stream of Periyar River, the longest of all rivers in Kerala, Ponmudi Dam is a must-visit in the Munnar chronicles. The dam made its presence in 1963, and the water from the reservoir get utilised for generating electric power.

The best time to visit the mind-blowing attraction is the rainy season as and when the beauty quadruples. The road to the golden Ponmudi Dam is in good shape but a narrow one too. The dam stays as a part of the drive from Adimaly to Rajakad, and you can cease your journey for a beautiful glance. The picturisation from far speaks of small settlements beneath, water in the reservoir to the other side, huge rocks connected and the evergreen reserve forests. Usually, the place can offer a cheer of 1 to 2 hours and can extend beyond if you are thrilled about taking boating voyages in the Ponmudi Dam.

Chokramudi Peak: Hike to the enormity

Distance: 12 KM
Timing: 8 AM TO 5 PM
Attraction: Hiking
Leaving Munnar without getting hiked will definitely turn out to be regret for the very next moment. So where else to dwell other than the Chokramudy Peak that stays mystically isolated from other hills in Munnar.

The peak is at an altitude of 7200 feet in Eravikulam National Park, with fabulous views of mountains, valleys, and forests dense comprising wide species of flaura and fauna. Initiating near Lockhart Tea Estate on Munnar, the trek to the hilltop can be an awesome one with your loved ones and friends, which can hook a day. It can be a 3 to 5-hour hike up that could test your trailing spirit and thrills connected to the journey. The initial hike is a normal one till the Kurishumala, and then you should stretch upwards towards the second part, which is a healthy task at hand. Don’t leave your passion towards the mountain cap and enjoy the breath andexperiences that accompany you through the trail.

Hanging Bridge: Eyeshot the idyllic

Distance: 16 KM
Timing: 8 AM TO 5 PM
Attraction: Viewpoint
The Hanging Bridge near the Ponmudi Reservoir is must-stop locus of Rajakad town. During the early construction of the Ponmudi Dam, the pathway was the only means for material transportation.

Later, with its surrounding scenic beauty, the Hanging Bridge became a top temptation in Munnar. Almost every jeep safari trekkings pin the location as a highlight with its beautiful illustrations. The rope gleams iron-strong, and the base reflects a wooden strength. It is a pleasant spot where you can click the natural abundance and running water beneath. Jeeps and cars could pass through the bridge, and tourists from several places visit the prime location near the Ponmudi Dam. If you are on the way towards the dam and the surrounding scapes of tranquillity, the Hanging Bridge could be a one-stop visual treat to your eyes.

Nadukani ViewPoint: Meet the world small

Distance: 15 KM
Timing: 8 AM TO 8 PM
Attraction: Viewpoint
Nadukani Viewpoint is the final reach to the hilltop trekking activities that comprise the Ripple Waterfalls, Hanging Bridge, Ponmudi Dam and the Nadukani Viewpoint.

More than a personal drive, the locations get more enthralling through a jeep safari. The 360-degree high altitude region holds the bucket list of every traveller with a splendid twilight sunset view. In the picturesque gaze, you can count a minimum of 9 hazy mountains that touch the white sky. You could also spot a few shops above the hill to lessen the hunger and offer the needed. A 1-hour spend at this breezy clime can leave you thinking about how small the world is from the higher vision. The place is serene, and a slight drizzle at the top can give a varied feel of Munnar tint and fragrance at the skied location. It is indeed family time here towards the end of your day, searching for the warmth of the boutique resort stays in Munnar.

Echo Point: Scream like a child

Distance: 15 KM
Timing: 8 AM TO 8 PM
Attraction: View and Echo
The Echo Point near the Ponmudi Dam is yet another attractive pull from nature in Munnar. Don’t you love to hear back your echo by screaming loud enough facing the creek and mountains?

The captive point can bring you the particular experience right in front where nature sings back at you. The trail to the Echo Point is a bit off-road from the point where the journey ceases, and you can mindfully trek down towards the rhythmic scape. There may not be many people at the viewpoint, but some local fishermen with their hunger hooking tools. Indulge in a conversation with them to learn their techniques and have a chance to hook the river beauty. Scream loud enough so that your voice gets mirrored and reflected at you several times. Be childish once again to break your mind freein the Echo Point.

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Attukad Waterfalls

Distance: 15 KM
Timing: 7 AM TO 7 PM
Attraction: View and waterfall
On the way from Munnar to Pallivasal lies the Attukad Waterfalls pouring down in miraculous rhythm. It is a thrilling spot to halt your journey as you can witness the falls in their natural course with green-lush surroundings and untouched nature.

The waterfall speaks serenity and is a captivating attraction encircled by verdant greenery. The pool formed from the running falls at the bottom would be ideal for a swim and soak.
It is an absolute mind-waking call for those who love to indulge in trekking too. The abundant greenery invites you to trek the deep woods and spot the enormous natural happenings in the wild. Also, you can take the support and vision of a guide to enjoy the raw pathway. Monsoon seems to be the perfect hit of climate to enjoy the trails here. The way to Attukad Falls can never be missed just after the rain when it turns as a visual treat with fragrance, freeze and the eye-catching wild.
What attractions to see in Munnar besides tea plantations

Second Mile View Point: The gateway to plantations

Distance: 11 KM
Timing: 8 AM TO 6 PM
Attraction: View
Indeed, the gateway connecting you to the Munnar tea plantations is the Second Mile Viewpoint. The uniquely attractive tourist spot rated & ranked amongst the top places to visit in Munnar is a picturesque viewpoint filled with mist and adjoined by a cool breeze all over.

The locus hits perfect for capturing the pristine beauty of Munnar from the top, where you can experience the appealing sight of lush tea plantations. Surroundings speak the enormity of Munnar with mist-clad hills, valleys, and plantation reflections. Lying just 8 km’s away from the Munnar town, the place gets a splendid response from the people as the best sunset point to locate in Munnar. You can have your lens focused and wear a bright smile to capture yourself with the best view in Munnar. Before leaving the viewpoint, pick your best-flavored pickle and grab a hot tea to enjoy the very moment once again.