How to choose the best luxury resorts in Munnar!

Staycation season is almost here. Are you looking for the best luxury resort in Munnar to make your vacation even more special?

Then here are some tips!

Start your search game early.


Much ahead of the holiday season most of the 5 star resorts in Munnar will be closed for reservations. This is because people from various parts of the World would have already pre-planned to book their stay in the best to avoid the holiday rush.

Haze & Kites is one of the most in-demand resorts in Munnar, So if you don’t want to miss out on experiencing Munnar at its best, Our tip No.1 is to search & book early. With this opens up a wider prospect for you to choose your favorite room, save on the budget and plan your trip most efficiently.


Shall we move on to Tip No 2?

Before confirming your bookings, Do a quick run on the website of the top luxury resort in Munnar, Filter the reviews to the latest and take your time and read. This helps you to get a deep knowledge about the property you are planning to visit.Which also helps in saving time to make a to-do list or itinerary.

The third Tip is something very important to note.

Check the temperature and make sure the necessary facilities are offered by the resort. Make sure the resort provides adequate assistance and facilities to ensure your comfort. If not you can enquire prior and ask to make necessary changes in advance or even look for a second option.

Checking the Social Media Pages of the luxury resorts in Munnar comes next. This helps you to compare many and choose the best considering various factors like amenities, staff & services, food, landscape, etc.

The last piece of advice is to double-check your budget and commute time to the resort.

If you are a group on a strict budget, it is crucial to compare the distance from Munnar town or other aspects like connectivity. Therefore, it is advised to evaluate the distances planned to be visited and the cost associated with them in light of the number of people traveling.

So here’s a bonus tip exclusively for you, If you wish your Munnar expedition to be perfect, Here’s a resort you can trust ‘Haze & Kites’. Book now and leave the rest to us. Without headaches, we will make this your best staycay ever!


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