Haze & Kites Munnar

Haze & Kites Resort in Munnar is an inevitable luxurious escape to the mountain cap, mirroring fresh breeze and true mount colours. The resort is indeed a perfect scoop from Kondody Group under the brand name of Kondody Hotels and Resorts. Founded in the year 1973 by Mr Tom Thomas, our current Chairman,we are into far-flung ventures in Kerala. We initiated our journey as a private bus operator and soon expanded our horizon to various industry verticals, including the hospitality zone. We have touched Kerala hospitality mud in the names of well-known hotels and resorts such as the Amberdale Resort in Munnar, GreenWoods Resort in Thekkady, Mystic Mayapott in Thekkady and into the latest addition of Haze & Kites as a mountain perched resort, gleaming extremity in all ways.

A glance at our beautiful properties


Amber Dale

Amber Dale is a mist-filled 5-star luxurious hotel in Pallivasal, Munnar, where families and newlyweds find their auspicious time soaking in delight. The speciality gleams in amenities, comfort, rounded activities, and the surrounds that can dip even below zero degrees Celcius at the peak time.


Mystic Mayapott

Mystic Mayapott is one of our offbeat jungle resorts pinned at Kadamakuzhi, Idukki, known for its western architectural gleams, surrounding cardamom flush and the natural stream that runs through the resort. Indeed, a fallen kingdom in the wild, offering a picturesque gaze and fragrance.


Greenwoods Resort

Greenwoods is a scenic nature linked resort located in Thekkady, a perfect pick for honeymoon delights and family fun. It is an irresistible experience that the resort unfolds with pool suits, honeymoon cottages and superior rooms.Without a doubt, one of the premium 5-star resorts in Thekkady.

Why Haze & Kites?

Munnar, while being the perfect shot for honeymoon delights, Haze & Kites, the hideout luxury resort in Munnar, is all ready to hook your honeymoon dreams to the zenith. Get ready to up your time with our resort culture and hospitality reflections with mind-blowing activities, 5-star cuisine delicacies, honeymoon villas, castles, and cottages alongside the swaying mountains with a perfect sundown view. The resort reflects speechless views, offering a prolonged stay amidst the fallen clouds and stars.

Some experiences are to be touched, felt, and remembered raw!

-Kondody Hotels & Resorts