Amiable Facilities Binding The Top Luxury Resort In Munnar

Haze & Kites is the most popularly picked luxury resort in Munnar when it comes to hospitality. It was a long journey for us to become the most wanted boutique resorts in Munnar. What makes our offerings top-notch and unique is the facilities that we wrap with your pleasant staying comfort. The resort comes with large open spaces, and that’s where the freedom ties in with the enchanting wheeze of air. We provide the facilities at top notch to be the best hotels in Munnar. While approaching for a honeymoon time or a family get-together, you have enough space within the property to walk around and feel free with nature. Children will have a great time here as they can indulge in different outdoor games and activities.. Indeed, Haze & Kites mirrors a blend of luxury and uniqueness with all that we offer to our special guests.

Infinity pool

Our infinity pool definitely steals the show as swimming at such a height is not only surreal but is absolutely fun. It would be difficult to beat spending time wading beside expansive views of nature or swimming poolside with a magnificent backdrop in this one peaceful, lovely getaway. Enjoy the most ethereal surroundings on romantic evenings or beautiful mornings under the golden sun or a starlit sky, with the soothing water of the infinite pool, and a veil of mist coating the landscape.

450x380 tattukada1


Our Thattukada is always a cheerful place to be in.  The staff’s warm gesture and the thematic soundtracks immediately lift everyone’s spirits once they step in. With its fizzing sound of oil and assortment of spicy, colourful appetisers, the entire environment is reminiscent of Keralan eateries. Our menu headers evoke the nostalgia we want guests to experience when they dine here. From small & light to more than just a bite we have everything that fits the culture to satisfy your craving. Come have some piping hot snacks and a glass of tea which evokes the spirit of Kerala with us.

Kids Play Area

Kids Play Area lets children play freely in a variety of fun ways where they can choose from slides & swings to climbers and more, so they can play whatever interests them. This builds a chance to socialise with others of the same age groups, spark their creative juices, and, most importantly, have fun. Thus, we have everything you need to entertain your little sweethearts and give them a fantastic time while you relax on your pavement.


Multicuisine restaurant

Luxury Boutique Resorts in Munnar & The Best Hotel in Munnar

Our Multi-Cuisine Restaurant is a visual and belly treat to your desires with delicate dishes and flavour-filled fragrances. We offer a variety of culinary attractions that can linger your best time together with us. We are also bright
with top chefs who can deliver extraordinary attractions to your table. Feel the freedom inside under the Luminant lights and luxurious fittings, tranquility, surrounding hue and melodious humming’s that connects you to the world of multi-cuisine attractions. Beyond words, experience our food culture.

Doctor on call

Safety meets our priority in hospitality. We ensure all our facilities and activities go under a healthy curve and pay special attention to your well-being. We provide Doctor on Call facility for any guest who seek medical attention. We have the best doctors in close proximity, and it’s only a matter of time to connect them. The service is available 24/7 as per your needs and comfort. We value your mental health as well as your physical fitness when you are with Haze and Kites. And with all care and caution, we nourish your splendid journey time without any hassles.

luxury resort in munnar

Amphi theatre

Besides individual terraces for each cottage, we provide a special expanse known as the Amphitheatre or Open Deck. The space is just a wow area with cushions and chairs. The deck welcomes everyone to touch its presence. It is an astonishing view that encircles nearly the whole of Munnar. Time stops here with a hazy breeze, clouds seem much closer, and the peaks resound the Munnar swing. The best time to experience the deck is during the twilight fall of the sun. The night view also seems pretty unique, filled with silence, amour and the Skyfall.

Safe deposit locker

Security is yet another reflection of our hospitality traits. We furnish equal importance to the security of your valuables by providing Deposit Locker facilities for all our guests. You can safely protect your sediments in the form of money, gold, or any other valuables during the time of stay in our resort, and we serve the best-in-class security for all your needs and requirements. Guest asset protection gets solidified here by private locker facilities and we make it our prime part with you to provide the best security offering throughout your stay.

luxury resort in munnar
luxury resort in munnar


Munnar vibes are always better than any other connection. But there may be instances where you need to connect online. Being the top luxury resort in Munnar, we come before you with free Wi-Fi facilities all around the property. All you need to do is to connect and take a breathe online. Share your marvellous snaps, all your sky moments and ping your best buds to know how beautiful your time is here with Haze & Kites. With all that in mind, pocket your online buddy once done and dive into the cheerful time.

Pet friendly

Haze & Kites is a pet-friendly resort in the mountains of Munnar. Sometimes, it is hard to leave your pets behind when you travel, and here is where we provide the facility to your comfort. We value the part of pets in your life while you opt a stay with us. Also, to note, there are policies to adhere to while taking your pets inside the resort. We have an additional charge of Rs 1500/- for your pet per night, including GST. Accommodation of the same is limited to specific cottages. Additionally, we require our guests to convey the pet information at the time of reservations, and the resort reserves the right of admission of pets inside.

best hotels in munnar
best hotels in munnar

Currency Exchange

Ease of transaction is another highlight facet that makes Haze & Kites rank amongst the best luxurious resort stays in Munnar. We provide currency exchange in a swift and comfortable mode. We assure you face zero transaction hurdles during the time of stay. Haze & Kites attract travelling minds both domestically and internationally. With that far-flung nature of people convergence, we make sure that your currency gets exchanged here without any cobbles in a quick and prompt manner. Feel the freedom with your pocket while staying perched in with us.

Travel Desk

As a part of enhancing our guest experience, we are up with a Travel Desk for your best and safe drive. We can pin your intended destinations in no time and show you the perfect mappings with all available timings. Just connect us via the travel desk to plot and pack your adventure journey in Munnar. Our travel desk goes equipped with the best know-how on Munnar routes and locations that can ease your travel and save your time on the go. Meet them before you ignite the engines so that you can have a comfortable and safe journey ahead from Haze & Kites.

best hotels in munnar
best hotels in munnar

Tour Guide

Munnar is a landscape where beauty lurks deep inside. While staying in our premium mountain resort, you have many secret locations and attractions to explore nearby. We provide a Tour Guide/Assist if you need someone to accompany your cryptic trails in Munnar. Beyond the normal sightseeing spots, Munnar is deep into the hills, plantations, waterfalls, and local lifestyle. Our tour guide can show you the right path towards the unknown locations and trekking trails that suits your travelling minds. Just be in the float and tone of the Munnar soil with our mapping specialist.

Boutique Resorts in Munnar

Haze and Kites is a boutique resort located in Munnar, Kerala, India. The resort offers a unique blend of luxurious amenities, picturesque surroundings, and personalized service, making it a popular choice among travelers. With its range of well-appointed rooms, fine dining restaurants, and a variety of recreational activities, Haze and Kites provides guests with an unforgettable experience.

At Haze and Kites, guests can expect a truly memorable stay. The resort is designed with comfort and relaxation in mind, offering spacious and beautifully decorated rooms that are equipped with all the modern amenities. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, Haze and Kites is the perfect choice. The resort’s stunning location provides breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and valleys, and guests can enjoy a range of outdoor activities, including trekking, bird watching, and more. With its focus on providing a personalized experience, Haze and Kites is the ideal choice for those looking for boutique resorts in Munnar. Book your stay today and experience the ultimate in comfort, luxury, and natural beauty.